Reclaimation 2016 was a rip-roaring success. Ninety-one (91) tickets were sold with eighty-three (83) participants on property for the event.

No medical injuries were reported.

The theme was “Down With Pants” and a community built effigy rose from the ground during the week. Reclaimed pallets were used for the structural part of the effigy, with multitudes of stuffed pants decorating the 20-foot-tall structure. Members of the community were asked preburn to bring old pants and during the week they were stuffed with paper and fabric and all the emotional/negative “stuff” that the stuffers needed to rid from their lives.  It was the biggest and hottest effigy we’ve had to date.  It was fantastic!!!

The temple was beautiful. It was burnt on Sunday morning after daybreak. John K. Harris was the designer/builder.
Three (3) theme camps set up resident in Singe City and one (1) sound camp.  We had no noise complaints this year.
After the event was over but before the BOD left the land, a BOD meeting was held and it was decided to begin a land search for a new home for Reclaimation. Differences between the burn’s and the landowner’s ethos had become painfully obvious during the event, and it was time to find new land. After a short search, new land and fantastic landowners were found in Irvine, Ky. A work/play weekend in October was planned.

Other than the venue issues, everything went well. It was wet and rainy for a good portion of the burn, but we’ve just come to expect that.

Nine (9) Art Grant Recipients received $1528.00 to bring art to Reclaimation in 2016.