2015 AfterBurn Report

Reclaimation 2015 was definitely one for the books. The theme was “Our Eternal Garden”. We had one hundred and forty one (141) participants on site, with virtually all the volunteer slots filled on a daily basis. Although early volunteer sign up online was slow, shifts filled quickly once people started to arrive onsite. This was definitely the warmest Reclaimation that has been seen, and it was welcomed with open arms by everyone.

One minor medical injury was reported when a child fell off the merry go round. She was expertly bandaged by the Medic Team and released to play again. We were visited by LEO for the first time in the history of Reclaimation. Due to a noise complaint by a neighbor, LEO arrived at Terrapin Hill and asked the first person they saw to get the Landowner and the person in charge of the event immediately. Word spread quickly through the event and the volume at all sound camps was immediately lowered. Shortly thereafter, LEO took their leave without conversing further with any member of the event. BOD members were on their way to speak with them, but they left before any discussion could be had. Due to this incident, two changes will be made for next years event. First, the entrance gate will be locked so that no vehicles can gain entrance without speaking with the Landowner or the BOD. Secondly, sound restrictions will be put into place and a waiver will have to be signed by Sound Camp TCOs.

There were six (6) Theme Camps with a variety of activities and chill spaces in which to participate. The effigy was built by Thom Root over the course of the first few days and it was spectacular. The temple was built by Nicneven Robinson and Paul Smith and it was burnt on Sunday night to the accompaniment of participant drumming. The temple was dedicated to the animals of the earth, and especially our beloved furbabies. Burning the temple on Sunday morning is being considered for next year due to the number of people who can’t stay for the temple burn on Sunday night.

Less than a quarter of a plastic shopping bag was picked up during the last MOOP sweep, and a good portion of that was MOOP already on the premises when the event started.

Leftover wood from the event was donated to Terrapin Hill to use as they wished. Planning was started for Reclaimation 2016 during the BOD meeting held on Monday afternoon before the close of the event. Art Grant Fundraisers are a major priority for 2016 and the hope is for bigger and more art at Reclaimation 2016.