Reclaimation 2013 once again brought together burners from all over the country to the beautiful Eastern Kentucky Mountains. Although our numbers were down this year (due to various reasons, one of the biggest being the extremely wet weather), the number of theme camps remained about average for our small burn.

The entire event was a huge success, if a little soggy. A Hillbilly Wedding was performed with Kelly and Jeremy tying the knot surrounded by their burner family on Saturday afternoon. A smoker had been donated by members of the local community and a humongous feast was devoured by the multitudes.

Lots of pork, beef, and vegetables spent Friday night on the smoker becoming all deliciousness for the festivities on Saturday. Thankfully, the rain held off so that the wedding and feast were enjoyed in the warmth of the May sunshine. Art Grants were given out for the first time in 2013.

Four recipients brought their fantastic art to the burn and we anticipate triple that amount for 2014. Volunteers were plentiful and all shifts were covered. Only one medical injury involving a cut finger due to a minor kitchen incident occurred. Our top-notch medic team handled the small cut with their usual finesse.

The whole weekend was successfully summed up when the 20’ lighthouse effigy refused to burn due to the extreme wetness of the preceding weeks. However, the hillbillies got their heads together and burn it did! All-in-all, Reclaimation 2013 was huge success and was just the send-off for the many changes coming to Reclaimation 2014.