Mooper Troopers Team

Mooper Troopers inspire, inform and encourage our community to apply the Leave No Trace principles to life in our city. Not only is LNT an important principle, it’s also part of this team at Ignite. This team shares the ownership of making sure we as a community are not only educated about how to not leave a trace, but ensures that every trace is removed at the end of the event. LNT isn’t just some fancy talk we burners spout off about, it really is a way of life at burns. It is everyone’s responsibility to pick up everything from the grounds that isn’t naturally there. The simple way to do this is NEVER let it hit the ground in the first place. Butts from cigarettes, glitter, pieces of plastic, waste food, greywater, feathers, whatever you might drop… DON’T. If it came to the burn with you, it must go home with you, no exceptions, no matter how small.


Moopers – Roy Grubb Lead – no co-lead name