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Countdown To Reclaimation








Volunteer Coordination

Reclaimation, like all other burn events, is participant and volunteer driven. For those who choose to participate by volunteering under a event team, the Volunteer Coordinators are a very essential resource. The Volunteer Coordinators play the role of matchmaker between volunteers and Teams/Team Leads. If there is a gap or a number of shifts the needs some hands/brains to staff them, the Volunteer Coordinators will do their best to facilitate filling them!


Volunteers Needed!

2020 Invites On Sale Jan 15th

Here's the announcement you've all been waiting for! INVITE SALES GO LIVE AT MIDNIGHT ON JANUARY 15TH, 2020. We're having an early bird sale from JANUARY 15TH - FEBRUARY 4TH for $50/invite. At midnight on the February 4th, Invites go up to $75. If you have the funds...

Financially Challenged Invites

Do you want to come to Reclaimation but life is making it financially unfeasible? Well, we may be able to help. Beginning on March 1st and ending on March 5th, the 1st 10 emails received at [email protected] will receive one (1) free invite to Reclaimation...

Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration is LIVE! https://www.reclaimation.net/#thingsyoufillout

Mini Effigy Rules

All effigies must be made from burnable materials, i.e: Wood, cardboard, hemp, twigs, leaves, fabric, etc. NO plastic or plastic-like materials. NO GLITTER!!! Glue and paint are okay to use. Screws, nails, or other metal fasteners are okay, too. If I missed anything,...

Volunteer Registration

Volunteer Registration is LIVE! https://www.reclaimation.net/#thingsyoufillout

Mini Effigies

With a whopping 18 votes, the Mini Effigies with a platform win! Now to design the platform and get volunteers in place to help build said platform. Our theme is Nostalgia and your mini effigies can be theme related or not, that's up to you. Let's try to keep them...

February 2020 Work/Play Weekend

It's our first work/play of the year and we're ready to get started! We'll be putting in fence posts, clearing camping spots along the creek, and just general cleanup. We'll have some good food and music to keep us all motivated. The Ranger/Medic/Radio building will...

Donate to the art grant fund and get a car sticker!

For a limited time if you donate $5 or more to the art grant fund for Reclaimation 2020, you will receive a car sticker. There are only 100 of them available, so jump on that now!!! You can donate your $5 or more on the Reclaimation invite purchase page Click Here