All sound equipment 100 watts or larger must be registered and permitted prior to the event as a Reclaimation theme camp.

– No unregistered camps with systems larger than a small home stereo or boom box
– Please consider creating dampening box for generator
– Generators must be placed at least 30 ft away from sound system.
– If a sound complaint from outside the event is received, we may ask all amplified Sound Camps to lower levels or to cut sound completely until the complaint is handled.
– In the event of an emergency, Sound Camps wil be asked to cut sound completely until the Events Committee have cleared the emergency.

Be considerate: There are quiet time hours, yoga classes and workshops, just as there are hours for peaceful sounds, and rave hours. Be appropriate with your sound or the Sound team will have the right to ask you to stop playing and/or reduce your volume.

You must register by April 24th, 2019. If you are bringing lower powered sound equipment or musical instruments, please check with the Gate or Placement volunteers for information on where to set up your camp. Ask for a Placement or Sound Team assistance in placement.

Please remember:
– DJs and other noise creating artists are an essential part of our community.
– Many sound artists spend countless hours preparing for their limited time on stage. Please respect their art whether you appreciate it or not.
– Bring ear plugs. There may be no quiet places at The Love Burn.
– If you are having sound related problems, please talk to your neighbors emitting the sound and attempt to resolve the issue amicably with the sound producer. If necessary, involve a Ranger in the process.
– If you have a problem with sound levels, do not go directly to the DJ who is performing to attempt to resolve the issue. They probably cannot hear you, but more importantly, they are performing. You would NOT interrupt an actor in the middle of a play; please do NOT interrupt a DJ in the middle of his/her set. Instead, locate the on-duty Sound Marshall or Ranger to discuss your concerns.
Discuss and listen. Express your concerns. Be respectful.

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