Code Of Conduct

Reclaimation wishes for you to be free to create art, interact with others, and enjoy autonomy up to a point. Regarding conduct, Reclaimation believes:
– Participants are responsible for themselves, their issues and resolution of them, and their own behavior.
– In behaving and acting in a manner which will not make other participants feel unsafe or threatened.
– In not condoning any behavior that endangers our community’s ability to hold our events.
If you witness a violation of any of these rules, feel free to correct the situation yourself if possible. If you do not feel comfortable with that, please inform a Ranger or anyone with an event radio


Zero Tolerance Violations

(these will get you kicked out no matter what)

  • Failure to respect consent.
    We believe in body autonomy. Violating a fellow participant’s consent is not okay.
  • This holds true to photography, as well. If you take a non-consensual photos of others, you may be asked to leave. If a participant asks you to delete a photo you’ve taken, you should respect their wishes.
  • Effigy, Temple or other art Burn perimeter violations. Once a perimeter has been established you MUST NOT cross the perimeter.
  • No ticket/wristband (all participants over 2 years of age, no exceptions)
    If your wristband is lost, it is your responsibility to promptly work with the Gate team on figuring out a replacement, during their gate hours. If your wristband comes off, keep it secure until Gate can reissue you one.
  • Helping someone sneak into the event
  • Failure of parents to ensure minors under the age of 18 wear wristbands or file “Minor Tracking Form” with Rangers
  • Failing to ensure that a minor for which you are responsible has proper adult supervision at all times
    Adhere to the guidelines of the Under 18 policy.
  • Failing to respect boundaries. This includes personal boundaries (physical consent and personal camp space including living area) and physical boundaries (event boundaries),
  • Unauthorized fireworks
  • Possession of firearms

The following offenses may get you removed from the event:

  • TRESPASSING IN GAS WELL AREAS. These areas of the property are OFF LIMITS.
  • Photographing another participant without their consent
  • Taking photos/video for commercial purposes without registering as media
  • Vending or commerce of any kind
  • Unsafe operation of a vehicle (golf cart, art car, bicycle, etc.) driving
  • Malicious destruction of property
  • Possession of alcohol if under 21
  • Serving alcohol to someone under 21 (Theme camps serving alcohol are required to check IDs)
  • Disrespect of the land such as digging, felling trees or limbs, etc.
  • Unapproved fires are not allowed. No ground fires.
  • Respect the value of Leave No Trace!
  • Violating any of the fire safety rules
  • Violation of DMV rules
  • Harassing wildlife