Reclaimation 2019 – The Land Between Time

Time. What is it really? A human construct ticking away the seconds of existence? We spend so much of our existence tied to a timepiece letting it determine how we enjoy our lives.

What if, for five whole days, you could walk between time? Leave your worries and concerns at the Gate as you enter Singe City to begin your life changing journey through the Land Between Time.

Trip the light fantastic as music reverberates through the trees and mythical beings cavort under the moonlight. Experience life in the moment as you raise your voice in song or feed your neighbor. It’s all relative.

In the Land Between Time, the construct is yours. Are you ready?

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Tickets On Sale Now!

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Tickets For Reclaimation 2019 Are On Sale NOW!

Tickets are now on sale for Reclaimation 2019 Until Dec 14th ticket prices are as follows: Adult - $50 Child 6-17 - $25 Child 5 and under - No Charge Starting Dec 15th they will go to their normal price: Adult - $75 Child 6-17 - $37.50 Child 5 and under - No Charge...

2019 Ticket Sales

Reclaimation 2019 will be held in Upton, Kentucky on May 8th - 13th. Tickets go on sale December 1st at noon. We will NOT be doing tier sales this year. There will be a 2-week Early Bird Sale starting Dec. 1st and running thru December 14th. The Early Bird Tickets...

Volunteer Opportunities Available

Engage in the burning man experience by volunteering at Kentucky's regional burn - Reclaimation 2019! Reclaimation is a community-driven event operating in the spirit of the Ten Principals. Volunteering is a form of participation, gifting and civic responsibility....

Can’t make it to the fundraiser but still want to donate?

If you can't make it this weekend, but still want to donate towards Art Grants, you can click the donate button below and send any amount you...

2019 Reclaimation Art Grants

The Reclaimation Art Grants program is a online, community-driven art funding program for any and all groups or individuals that want to bring art to Reclaimation. Have an idea that’s been sitting in the back of your head for a while? Or maybe some fresh inspiration...

We have a new home!

Reclaimation has a new home and we are so excited to get to work on our "forever" home. Situated in Cave Country, Upton is a small rural community located right off I-65. Stay tuned to the website and facebook group page for upcoming work/play weekends and meet n...