Theme Camp Registration

What is the name of your Theme Camp?
This should be the person primarily responsible for communicating with Reclaimation about the camp.
A sound camp is any camp using amplified sound over 100watts
Tell us about the camp. What is it? Who is it for? How will you entice others into the camp? How will you create communal / civic / public space for your fellow participants? How will your camp contribute to the visual cityscape?
If you have a website / facebook page, please include a link
Have you brought your theme camp to Reclaimation / other Burns?
Please provide a short description of your camp for the Event Guide (roughly 100 words)
What are the main periods during which your camp will be active?
Please tell us about any particular big event, daily happening, performance, food / bar service, or other activity your camp will be providing. Indicate the time, location, suggested requirements (eg. costume, cup / plate, etc), whether it is kid-friendly, any other relevant details.
Describe the general physical nature of your camp (structures and layout)
How wide is the front of your camp (metres)?
How far back does your camp go (metres)?
Please indicate any particular requirements or preference your camp has in relation to placement.
What are the main materials you are using to create your camp?
How will your camp be lit? Does it contribute to the night time visual ambience of the event?
Please describe the energy requirements for lighting and running your art installation. Note: You are responsible for ensuring all of your power needs are met onsite. Solar power may require a back-up plan for non-sunny days.
Please describe how you will dismantle and remove your camp after the event.
What will happen to your camp / structures after it has left the site?
Will your materials be recycled, reused, or re-purposed? Please explain
Please nominate the person on your team who will lead your LNT efforts
Tell us a random and interesting fact you learned lately