Theme Camp List

Camp Hoppy Endings

Camp Hoppy Endings will be gifting home brew made from home brewers BrewBear and Sparkles. Along with a home brew, there will other delightful drinks such as home made cider and other craftbeers from KY and Ohio.

We also have a fabulous Massage Therapist on hand who will be gifting messages.

Random Fact: Mike, the man behind Camp Hoppy Endings, has received stitches 15 different times and broken everyone of my fingers

Hours Of Operation:
Noon(ish) – Evening (ish)

Gifting Home Brew
Gifting Massages

Camp Pretty Lights

An interplay of pretty lights to entice the mind and entrance the spirit… We are an all-purpose hippie trap.

Come see our Truffula Tree Grove, come spin fire in our performance circle or sit under some pretty lights and chill for some rest and relaxation.

We’re a few burn veterans from the deeper south here to light up your life. We’re mainly a night-time camp but you’re always welcome to swing by.

Random Fact: Tardigrade babies are all born with a full range of adult cells. They grow not by cell division. Their cells simply expand in size.

Hours Of Operation:
All The Time

Camp Would U Rather?

Would-U-Rather is a game camp. Our namesake game allows players to spin 2 wheels (containing changeable actions), and choosing to do one of the things, to much hilarity. We also make breakfast (eggs and bacon) and coffee for everyone each morning.

Random Fact: Water is wet?

Hours Of Operation:
All The Time

Breakfast – starting at 9AM everyday: Serving up coffee, scrambled eggs, grits, bacon, and maybe some sausage. Open to all while supplies last, bring a plate/cup.
Would U Rather? game – everyday: Spin the wheels and choose what you’d rather do! Enjoy drinks, prizes, and laughter. Playtime is possible whenever anyone is at the camp, but most active at night. Most likely not kid friendly.
Coffee – everyday 24 hours: We’ll have a self-serve pot of coffee at the ready, stay caffeinated all day AND all night.