Art Grant Application

Art enables humans to grow, thrive, learn and love. Art projects thought, feelings, movement and participation. It creates experiences and can help build community. Reclaimation is proud to administer and offer art grants to help you fulfill your creative visions and contribute to creating these community building experiences. These grants are intended to support and promote radically-expressive, community-based, interactive and/or collaborative projects that help shape the creative core of the event. Anyone can apply for an art grant; you don’t have to be a professional or even consider yourself an artist.

Please fill out the Art Grant Application, complete it, attach your visual aides and send it to [email protected]. Your application will not be considered until you have purchased a ticket to the event. If you have questions, that’s the same e-mail you should use to get in touch with the committee!

Since theme camps are responsible for their own content, art projects that stand alone will be given priority.
Explain whether this is out of concern for safety, size/scale, or artistic effect. (for example: we don’t want tall flame effects under tree branches.)
If possible, please include images, sketches, or diagrams to give us an idea of how it will look and function. Be as specific as possible.
Do you have a high-end cost to make it as awesome as you envision it and a lower-end at which you can still get it done?
Provide us with an itemized description of how much each component of your project will cost.
This is where your lower-end cost could apply.