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What does Reclaimation mean to you?

I come back to Reclaimation because I desperately need to be reminded that:

  • Learning to be more patient with myself helps me be more tolerant of others;
  • Ideas are a dime a dozen, follow thru is priceless;
  • Random problems occur and no matter how well you prepare things will break or not get packed… and it’s the little things you just can’t prep for where a supportive funny inventive community shows up as the blessing that it can be;
  • Participation doesn’t come easy, but it holds as metaphor the opportunities to be nourished by and contribute to something greater and more beautiful than each of us could have managed on our own;
  • The world is not as awful as it feels sometimes because I can gather with other crazy, fun, wild, weird, colorful, smart aleck, flawed and fabulous people and practice being a better human being as I explore my own expression of 10 simple principles.


My husband and I attended Reclaimation as Euphoria refugees in 2018. We were nervous about attending such a small burn because at that time, we had only been to Alchemy which had at least 1,000 people, so this was going to be quite intimate…. When we arrived, we were met by some beautiful southern Kentucky gals very excited to see us and happy to have us ring this giant bell to initiate our arrival.

That weekend was one of the most beautiful burn experiences I’ve ever had. The meadow was covered in yellow flowers, the river was flowing with happy naked burners, the trees surrounded our little playa and danced around us at we sat at our camp watching the sun go down. My favorite memory of this burn was when we all watched the effigy burn and it simply would not fall! It seemed to take forever to even give an indication that it might soon fall. As the crowd started to murmur about how well the effigy was built and maybe that’s why it was taking so long to burn… I heard one of the constructors of the effigy in the background say in the thickest of Kentucky accents “well, you wanted to climb on it!” Many of us busted into laughter and in that moment, I truly felt like we were just one big happy family having a bonfire.

I can’t express my gratitude towards those at Reclaimation that year and how they opened their arms to a couple of Georgia burner refugees. That was my first regional outside of Georgia and it really made me realize how across state lines, we are all the same.

I became a true believer in the power of the 10 principles that weekend and that’s something I will never take for granted.

Although I now live a solid 15-hour drive from Kentucky I can’t seem to let go of Reclaimation. I continue to watch from a distance as Reclaimation happens every year with a big smile on my face because it’s a special community and I can’t wait to return one day.

Thanks with much love,

-Anna Marie

Anna Marie


Reclaimation wasn’t my first burn, nor is it my state burn, but I will always consider it my home. The community is smaller than other regionals, which is perfect for really getting to know people. It is also the perfect size if very large crowds are overwhelming for you. I have also introduced many virgin burners to Reclaimation and they have loved it, and it helped them expand to larger regionals without feeling lost. I couldn’t recommend it more!

Jaime Robbins


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2009 (The First Year)

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