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The following team lead positions still need to be filled. Head to the website and fill out the team lead application if you see something you could do,.

Hub/Volunteer Coordination

Volunteer lead is in charge of orchestrating how the volunteer is generally appreciated. Our volunteers are the lifeblood of Reclaimation. This person will work to add some perks to such an important job.

Fire Safety

This Team Lead will be responsible for inspecting any fire/flame effects and fire pits. This Team will also be donning the fire suits and maintaining any large structure burns, such as the effigy, temple, or any other Art burns, to ensure proper safety to the participants. 


The Parking Team Lead will manage all aspects of parking logistics. Early Entry and Day 1 of the burn are very busy and will need to be well managed. Parking will need to be managed during exodus as well.  


This Team Lead will be responsible for lighting the city at night and then collecting the lamps the next morning/early afternoon to refill them with fuel.