We touched briefly on the idea of mini effigies in an earlier post. Let’s discuss it more in-depth here with an included poll. Wooohoo! This idea came to me after watching the struggles that came along with getting the effigy built over the past several years. Struggles against weather, travel, surprises, etc. We’re a small burn with a small budget. We also include a 75% percent “reclaimed material must be used” clause in the effigy build which can cause struggles. But what brought this idea to life has been the “spectator” aspect of our effigies lately. I’ve seen quite a lot of spectating and little interaction and participation.

So I began to ponder and lit upon the mini effigy idea, with a Carnivale style parade in which everyone proudly proclaims their creativity. A parade in which the whole community is collectively participating (if you want to, of course) and actively involved. And now I want all of your input because this is a community decision. To be certain everyone understands, the mini effigies would replace the singular large effigy. Okie dokie, let’s discuss and vote.