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Hey Singe Citians! So here in Kentucky we have had the wettest year in history and the universe is trying to flood us out. This has brought about some new, previously unrealized issues with the land we have secured for the event. IF it rains, which it historically does during Reclaimation, we will have to shuttle in everyone and everything to the burn area. This would be a daunting task considering the terrain of the land. After a feasibility study was conducted after the last big rain, we have discovered that it would be in the best interest of the burn to consider our Plan B venue. We will be meeting with the land owners this week to go over details.

There has been some question of mobility on the land as well as use of RV’s. Unfortunately, the current land is going to have major challenges in this area. The BOD is working hard to make sure we host an event that accommodates all, regardless of mobility concerns and camping preferences! We will have more information coming as soon as a decision is made.