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Engage in the burning man experience by volunteering at Kentucky’s regional burn – Reclaimation 2019!

Reclaimation is a community-driven event operating in the spirit of the Ten Principals. Volunteering is a form of participation, gifting and civic responsibility. This event happens only if you contribute your time, energy, and resources – whether this is your first burn or your tenth – we need you!  *Volunteering does not provide a free ticket to the event.

Unsure of how you would like to participate? Browse all of the exciting volunteer opportunities available. Follow the principal of radical inclusion and try something new – if not now when? Physical requirements vary for each team – choose what allows your superpowers to shine! Register on the web page, complete the application, and get an email from me! Please ~ don’t skimp on the details! Details help the Team Lead select the right people and you get to fully enjoy your volunteer experience. 

The Volunteer Coordinator and the Team Leads will begin reading volunteer applications soon. You will be contacted once placed on a team. In the mean time, read the Survival Guide and Event Checklist located under Singe City on the homepage. 

Looking forward to meeting all of you – Laura, Volunteer Coordinator