Volunteer Teams

Without volunteers there is no Reclaimation!

Reclaimation is always looking for volunteers at every level, for year round leadership roles right up to daily onsite shifts during the event. There’s a variety of leadership roles available. Check out the available team lead spot you’re interested below and if the brief description sounds like something you would be interested in, click through to read a more detailed explanation of that position.

Reclaimation has a range of Volunteer Teams you can be part of. Read brief overview of the teams below, if something peaks your interest click through to the team page and get more detail. If you have the time, energy, relevant skills and experience and are keen to be more involved, fill out the volunteer application and join whatever team tickles your fancy.

Volunteers Needed!


Conclave is a group of fire performers that unite in honor of the Burn. Beneath the moonlight, just before our Effigy is brought to life Saturday night, traditional Lamplighters will ignite performers to begin this fiery opening ceremony. The act of people dancing and drumming around the fire goes back to the beginning of Burning Man and beyond. This ritual will offer the gift of spirit and fire to the Effigy; and help build the energy needed to fully treasure our symbol for the community and all its hard work.

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Major Tom
Team Lead

Volunteer For Conclave

Fire, drumming and dancing sound like an amazing night? Sign up by clicking the button!


The Effigy Team is responsible for the design, construction, transportation, burning, clean up, and any other needs of the effigy. Many participants consider this to be a very important part of the event, since it is the largest art installation we create. It is (physically and symbolically) the most central of all the installations. It also holds significant value to many participants as they consider the bonfire effigy-burn ceremony on Saturday night to be the climax of the burn.

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Friar Tuck
Team Lead
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Volunteer For Effigy

Want to help build stuff that you will burn? Click the button below to sign up for the effigy team


First person to greet arrivals and get their journey into Singe City started. Legal stuff to be signed, swag to be given, quizzes to be answered, you’ll be in charge of it all. Gate is THE place to be if you want to meet ALL the people. Education is a big part of the Gate experience as you make sure everyone knows everything they need to survive the entire event.

You’ll also be the first person to greet non-attendees (fire department, EMS, LEO).

Sobriety is required while you’re on shift.

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Tisa Powell
Team Lead
Dan Chicklas
Mother Russia

Volunteer For Gate

Like working with your hands, and getting dirty? Interested in working pre event, or post event, or both? 


What does the DPW do for Reclaimation? We are stewards of the event grounds for starters, transportation of infrastructure to/from the event site. We assist other departments in setting up their infrastructure on an as needed basis, when it’s requested by a team lead. DPW can also be found assisting artist crews, using heavy equipment and hand tools to spread/remove sand for/from burn platforms for the effigy, as well as other art pieces to be burned. We are some of the first to show up, and usually the last to leave. We work closely with LNT to make sure the event site is as clean (if not better) as when we arrived. We maintain roads, mark lanes, and change things up when weather throws us a curve.

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Team Lead

Volunteer For DPW

Like working with your hands, and getting dirty? Interested in working pre event, or post event, or both? 


The HUB is the physical central point of the burn and the information station.  Each Team Lead brings their own flavor to the HUB, so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it will be from year to year.  It is always the Volunteer Station where you can go to volunteer or check your upcoming shifts. Information Boards will be in place showing daily events and going’s on. The Ranger Station, Medic Station, and Lost & Found will be located at the HUB.   Volunteers hang out and help anyone who needs assistance with volunteering or information about the “happenings” at the event.  


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Volunteer For Hub

Want to be a part of the central point of information for the entire burn? Volunteer for the HUB now!


Singe City can get awfully dark when the sun sets over the hills. In order to keep the dwellers of the city streets safe and properly lighted, the Lamplighters come out at duskish to carry out their duties. Forming together in procession, they don their burden of lamps and march through the city distributing light at predetermined locations. It takes a lot of preparation and dedication to get the job done. The lamps must be collected, cleaned of any debris, and refilled in preparation for the coming night’s procession. You get to wear a neat robe and receive lots of love from the community!!!


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Jska 'Blue' Spear
Team Lead

Volunteer For Lamplighters


Parking Lead will be responsible for setting up parking perimeter and signage. Parking Volunteers will herd the vehicles into an organized line, with approximately 3 feet in between each bumper. Easy Peasy. If things get hectic during exodus, volunteers may be needed to help with traffic flow.


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LeAnne Wolfe
Team Lead

Volunteer For Parking


Because we like to play with fire, and because fire (as most of us know) can be pretty dangerous, we need a Fire Safety team. The Team is responsible for maintaining safety at large scale burns and fire-related installations throughout the event. This team coordinates with artists to determine the parameters for art that might pose a fire safety risk. The Fire Safety also plays a crucial role in the burning of our effigy. This team develops a fire safety plan and communicates that plan to local authorities and ensures compliance with all local, state and federal laws.

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Steve Murray
Team Lead

Volunteer For Fire


Reclaimation, like all other burn events, is participant and volunteer driven. For those who choose to participate by volunteering under a event team, the Volunteer Coordinators are a very essential resource. The Volunteer Coordinators play the role of matchmaker between volunteers and Teams/Team Leads. If there is a gap or a number of shifts the needs some hands/brains to staff them, the Volunteer Coordinators will do their best to facilitate filling them!

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Elle Bee
Team Lead
Jessica King

Volunteer For volunteer


Sound Team volunteers are responsible for making sure the levels of noise created at Recalimation do not adversely affect the events relationship with the surrounding community.  This is accomplished by monitoring overall sound levels throughout the event and limiting the number of loud camps, events and installations during overnight hours. Great volunteers for this are folks who like to stay up late looking for the best places to dance, or you just like wandering around the event in the wee hours, the Sound Team can use you…..solo, or with friends

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Jace Byers
Team Lead
Corey Draper
Co Lead

Volunteer For Sound


We’re the peeps that roll around in the morning making sure that the loo’s are stocked and clean and ready to go!

It’s a SUPER fun few hours (especially on the days that we find deposits from the Vodka Fairy) and you get to rest easy in the knowledge that YOU have taken care of some shit for the day.

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Roy Grubb
Team Lead
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Volunteer For Potty Patrol


Rangers are the eyes and ears of the burn. Rangers are NOT police or security. At Reclaimation, Rangers often wear several hats including fire safety, sound marshal, burn night perimeter, and occasional weasel wrangler. Although being a Ranger is a big responsibility, it’s also tons of fun. You get to meet virtually everyone and help any participant who may be in need. Rangers work closely with Medic volunteers to keep Singe City healthy and happy. If you have good mediation skills, are a good listener, are able to remain level-headed in stressful situations, and like to help keep the peace, sign up for a Ranger shift or two! Sobriety is required while you are on shift. 

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Sean Sturgis
Team Lead
Reclaimation Profile
Laura Anne

Volunteer For Rangers


As a volunteer medic, you’ll be asked to help keep Singe City properly cared for in the event of a medical emergency. Should a zombie apocalypse occur during the event, you will be the First Responders and line of defense against the inoculation of the entire Reclaimation community. However, should there be no apocalypse, you’ll be responsible for taking care of boo-boos, dehydration, exhaustion, headaches, etc. Although the Team Leads are members of the medical profession, you do NOT have to be a medical professional to volunteer. If you have an interest but little/no experience, get with the Team Lead and talk it over. I’m sure there is someplace for you on the team! Sobriety is required while you’re on shift.

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Jessicia Murray
Team Lead
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David Bell
Co Lead
Reclaimation Profile

Volunteer For Medic


LNT inspires, informs and encourages our community to apply the Leave No Trace principles to life in our city. Not only is LNT an important principle, it’s also part of this team at Reclaimation. This team shares the ownership of making sure we as a community are not only educated about how to not leave a trace, but ensures that every trace is removed at the end of the event. LNT isn’t just some fancy talk we burners spout off about, it really is a way of life at burns. It is everyone’s responsibility to pick up everything from the grounds that isn’t naturally there. The simple way to do this is NEVER let it hit the ground in the first place. Butts from cigarettes, glitter, pieces of plastic, waste food, greywater, feathers, whatever you might drop… DON’T. If it came to the burn with you, it must go home with you, no exceptions, no matter how small.

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Joanna Thompson
Team Lead
Jessica McKamey

Volunteer For LNT



Jace Byers
Team Lead

Volunteer For Web