Volunteer FAQ

Do I need a ticket to volunteer?

YES. All volunteers must have a participant ticket to the event itself. No exceptions. Volunteering will NOT get you in the gate – only a ticket will.

I’m just here to have a good time, why should I volunteer?

Reclaimation is an entirely volunteer-run event. Without volunteers, the event would not exist. The more people that volunteer, the more participants we can have (within limits, land-space permitting) and the more things we can accomplish. We need volunteers to help us check people in at gate, keep our perimeter safe, remind participants to please-don’t-climb-the-fire-art, and make everyone’s experience the best it can be, just to name a few.

Should I volunteer before I have a ticket?

We beg of you: while your intentions are solid, please please DO NOT sign up before you have a ticket.

How do I go about volunteering?

Log in to your account on this website — go to the section on the marked “Volunteer.” Choose whatever team you are interested in, and you’re off to the races. Pick some shifts that interest you and sign up for them If you’re not sure what the teams do, you can check out the “Teams” page under the Volunteer menu. It’s that simple!

I’m all signed up, can I get in early?

All volunteers may be permitted to enter the day prior to their shift, however you should check with your team lead to be sure. Early entry is heavily regulated and you must be signed up, online, before sign-up closes. Your profile information on the site must be accurate (Name, Email, Burn name) or you may be denied entry.

How do I get my ticket refunded once I’ve signed up for my volunteer shifts?

Short answer is: you don’t. This isn’t a festival, so you don’t get ticket credit for volunteering. You get the awesome ability to be insanely sexy though (because everyone knows volunteers are sexy) and the knowledge that you’re the walking, talking embodiment of, like, a bunch of principles, man.

When can I volunteer?

Volunteering is split into 3 different time frames:

  • Pre-event
  • Event
  • Postevent

Volunteers are in the highest demand during the event. Pre-event volunteer opportunities are scarce, and most of the time they go to volunteers who already have a relationship with their team lead. 99% of the volunteer hours we log are on site, so keep that in mind when trying to bribe us into finding you pre-event hours: they are rather hard to come by.

When will the team lead contact me?

That actually varies by team. If you need to reach out to a team lead, you can contact them directly, or you can send the Volunteer Coordinator an email and we can try to help.

Please keep in mind that only the department leads can schedule shifts for their teams – please be patient. You might not hear back from them the day you sign up, especially if it is early in the year. Just give them a few weeks before you go on a rampage.