Theme Camps

46525351_10213387709033100_2039601602897117184_nTheme camps are one of the simplest and at the same time most difficult things to explain about Burning Man culture. The easy part is the who, what, where ,when, and how. The hard part is the why.

So i’ll start with the easy part.

The actual burn event is more than a festival. Just like it says on the BM official page in regards to this. Burns are an event where a community of people from all different walks of life create a temporary city during the few short days they have together. It is an ongoing social experiment. Theme camps are organized  before the event and registered with the organization. They are an artistic expression of a smaller community within the whole community.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to  theme camps.

D.A.D. Camp - 2013-2015Theme camps can practicing gifting (Swinging Meats with tasty food), general help for when things break (Fix Your Shit), but they can be fun and playful too! (Would you rather and Squish Camp) Some of them can contribute by having a space for music and dancing (D.A.D camp, Steve’s Haunted Whorehouse, A Bunch of House and Shit) or they can provide place for hanging out in a chill environment (Last camp or Bloody Mary’s). Counter culture camps (Asshole camp) exist to help keep the balance in order. Theme camps also need no distinguishable reason to exist ( Ain’t no bitch camp,Camp 2:49 and Handful of Sour Cream camp) or camps of whimsy as I like to call them.

All that is left is the “Why”. I’ll do my best on this part.46479615_10156058026968519_9162098762099720192_n

Why do we do anything at the burns?

Some people want to be helpful or educate the community. Some want to find a way to bring  groups of people together that would never organically mix in the “default” world. Some exist for the sole purpose of saying “Fuck it….lets try this weird idea and see how it pans out.” The best way to better understand them is to just come experience them or better yet look into joining one!