Apply To Build Effigy

Thanks for the submissions, the creator has been chosen. See you at the burn!

2019 Effigy details and requirements:

  • All effigy submissions must be through this form.
  • The effigy will be the center piece for the main burn on Saturday night, and all effigy construction should be completed by Friday evening (or sooner) leading up to the event.
  • You’ll need to solicit your own volunteer team to help realize your dream and build the individual structures. Leadership is here to help find volunteers and previous artists are available for consultation. Structures may be built on-site or prefabricated.
  • All LNT guidelines must be followed before, during, and after the event. Nothing may be left behind post-event (nails, wood, or metal supports).
  • In addition to community members, team leads are allowed to submit designs for consideration.
  • Designs will be selected by the Reclaimation Board Of Directors without any conflict of interest.
  • Effigy designs, sketches, CAD drawings etc. should be sent in electronic format to [email protected] and must be received no later than March 31st, 2019.